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FBO Services

A Full-Service FBO at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport!
The Integrity Flight Support FBO is in the beautiful new terminal at the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. With prime airside access and a spectacular view of the mountains, this will be the place to relax before and after your flight.

Our FBO amenities include comfortable seats, light refreshments, office, classroom, and boardroom rental spaces. Our customer service reps will be pleased to coordinate all of your transportation and accommodation needs.

Integrity Flight Support has made arrangements with local hotel and transportation providers for preferred rates for our clients. We would be pleased to accommodate all of your requests.

Should you require quick transfer by air to any part of the city, special arrangements can be made for helicopter transportation upon your arrival. Your helicopter will be waiting only steps from your aircraft, ensuring your arrival at your final destination before you know it.

Amenities for flight crews include:

  • Flight planning room
  • Free Wifi
  • Crew rest area
  • Crew car
  • Light refreshments
  • Restaurant

Aircraft services include:

  • Full-service jet fuel {link}
    • Aerosol PRIST available
  • Reserved ramp parking directly in front of FBO
  • Available short- and long-term hangar accommodations
  • De-icing
  • Lav and water service
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft Detailing
  • On-site parts availability {link}
  • 3rd-party maintenance coordination

Service to aircraft owners:

  • Valet service
    • Your aircraft is fueled and positioned at the FBO for your arrival, and put away after your flight. Save time, and let your passengers arrive in style.
  • Aircraft management
    • From maintenance schedules to database updates, let us take care of the details to keep you flying.

Our business is fully insured for the servicing, movement, and storage of your aircraft.

Aircraft Fuel

Integrity Flight Support is now the Jet Fuel provider at Pitt Meadows airport. With new, expanded hours, Pitt Meadows is now the perfect location for your technical stop.

Jet Fuel is delivered direct from truck by our trained staff from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, and at other times by call-out (call-out fees apply – see pre-arrangement form {link}).

Looking for AvGas? At Pitt Meadows airport, AvGas is available by self-serve only at card-lock pumps in two locations – North Side (Apron 5) and South Side (Apron 1).

Aircraft Parts and Supplies

Our parts department is open for business!
Convenience – Economy – Integrity

Welcome to Integrity Flight Support – Parts.  With preparations in the works to open the Pitt Meadows Airport FBO in the coming months, Integrity Flight Support is commencing its inaugural service with the establishment of an aircraft parts and supplies distribution facility.  We have inventory on the shelves, and the store is now open!

Integrity has curated a variety of items designed to meet the immediate needs of AMOs, flight school, and private operators.

From a wide assortment of fasteners, clamps, gaskets and lubricants to urgent service items such as batteries, starters, tires and tubes, we have it in stock and we’ll get you what you need to get back in the air quickly.  Need Maintenance items such as oil filters, air filters, and spark plugs?  We’ve got ‘em.

Fluids, greases, lighting.  We even have log books, fuel sample cups, fuel dip sticks, pitot covers…

Here’s just a sample of our inventory – Please call for pricing, or stop by for a coffee.

GILL G-25 Battery BRACKETT Air Filter Complete Assemblies
GILL G-35 Battery BRACKETT Replacement Air Filter Elements
GILL G-243 Battery  
Battery Electrolyte (Acid) PNEUMATIC FILTERS:
  RAPCO RA-B3-5-1 Garter Filter Element
TIRES AND TUBES: RAPCO RA-D9-18-1 Central Air Filter Element
CONDOR 5.00-5, 6.00-6 RAPCO RA-D-9-14-5 Inlet Air Filter Element
AEROCLASSIC Tubes for 5.00×5 and 6.00×6 RAPCO RA2J4-6 Inline Air Filter
TEMPEST AA48104 Cylinder, valve cover, magneto
TEMPEST AA48103 Fuel cap (Cessna and Piper)
TEMPEST AA48110-2  
CHAMPION Spark Plug Anti-Seize 2612 – 4 Oz VACUUM PUMPS:
Copper Spark Plug Gaskets – M673 RAPCO
LPS1, 2, 3 SKY-TEC
AEROSHELL 41 Mineral Hydr. Fluid Sheet metal screws
  AN3/4/5 bolts
  Cotter Pins
Phillips 66: Castle Nuts
X/C 20w50 Nut Plates
Victory AW 20w50 Shear Nuts
25w60 (for R985) Rivets
– available in singles, cases, and bulk Washers

More Additions

On the fuel order form:

  • Location – we are Pitt Meadows only
  • Fuel Sales tab – check spelling of Fuel (“Fual”)
    • Quick contact – please change to [email protected]
    • Change address to CYPK Main Terminal, Unit 1006,18799 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 0H1
  • Units of Jet-A fuel volume section
    • Doesn’t make sense to have FSII and Additive on this line (pilot would order fuel in litres/gal/lbs and would also indicate whether the fuel should contain additive).  I think you could take this line out altogether.  Simply asking volume required will be sufficient, perhaps with a dropdown for litre/gal/lbs.  and then also an indication of FSII + or -.  (FSII and additive are the same thing).
  • Units of 100LL
    • Set up similar to Jet-A above (additive not applicable to 100LL)
  • About Us section – text follows, include links where appropriate

Integrity Flight Support is a new addition to the revitalization of the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport.  Following the lengthening of the main runway, the upgrading of lighting and ramp infrastructure, and the construction of a stunning new terminal, Integrity Flight support has established a presence to provide a warm welcome and a full suite of services to visiting and resident aircraft, aircrew and passengers.  Our client-forward approach means that all aircraft, large and small, are afforded premium service. 

Our services include

  • Passenger and crew lounge
  • pilot lounge
  • ramp handling,
  • hangarage,
  • fueling,
  • aircraft parts distribution,
  • maintenance coordination,
  • aircraft detailing,
  • catering,
  • rental boardroom and office,
  • crew car,
  • Limousine service,  
  • concierge service.

Pitt Meadows Regional Airport – CYPK

  • Towered Airport
  • Main runway 5003’
  • LPV Approach to 297’, SID departure


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