We once had a client ask one of our staff members before fuelling up, “How much water is in your fuel?” Of course, our staff member responded immediately, “Zero!” This may have been a trick question on the client’s behalf, but at Integrity Flight Support, we feel an immense responsibility to provide our customers with the best fuel.  

One of the first things that pilots are taught in flight school is the importance of checking the aircraft’s fuel for water and contaminants. Contaminated or degraded fuel can lead to in-flight emergencies due to engine failures and fuel system malfunctions. To mitigate these risks, we implement rigorous inspection and maintenance protocols to ensure that only high-quality fuel enters aircrafts.

All of our staff at Integrity Flight Support are trained and certified to follow the Canadian Standard Association “CSA B836-22 Storage, Handling, and Dispensing of aviation Fuels at Aerodromes” standard. Quality control tests are conducted daily on our fuel to verify compliance with industry standards. At the start of every work day our fuel is checked. We do visual checks for free water and contaminants, and we use test equipment to check for entrained water to ensure that water levels are maintained below the limits set out in the standard.

The next time you leave your aircraft to fuel up with us at IFS, you can take comfort in knowing that while you are at your important business meeting or visiting the Vancouver area, we are ensuring that your aircraft is fuelled with the highest-quality fuel.